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Two Worlds, One City: A Combined Desert Safari and Dubai City Tour Experience with Travel with Habibi

Two Worlds, One City: A Combined Desert Safari and Dubai City Tour

When you think of Dubai, you might envision either its towering skyscrapers or its sprawling desert landscapes. Why not experience both? Travel with Habibi offers you the opportunity to combine a fascinating Dubai city tour with an exhilarating desert safari.

Why A Combined Tour Makes Sense


Maximize your trip by seeing both urban and desert attractions in one day or over two days.


Our combo packages offer the best experiences at a fraction of the cost when booked individually.

What to Expect in the Dubai City Tour

The Urban Oasis

From Burj Khalifa to the Dhow Cruise in Marina View, discover the architectural marvels and cultural gems of Dubai.

A Touch of Luxury

Enjoy high-end shopping or witness the grandeur of Palm Jumeirah, the epitome of Dubai’s luxury.

The Desert Safari Experience

Adrenaline-Pumping Adventures

From dune bashing to sandboarding, the desert safari is all about thrilling experiences.

Cultural Enrichment

Relish traditional Emirati cuisine and enjoy performances like belly dancing and fire shows.

Don’t miss out on the best of both worlds. With Travel with Habibi, you can effortlessly experience the striking contrasts of Dubai in a single trip. For more details and to book your ultimate Dubai adventure, visit our website at

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